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Logosamphia is an experimental music project founded in 2003 by the Iranian/Dutch artist Sadra Hemati.

The music is influenced by early styles of breaks and cores like hardcore, jungle, drum n’ bass, breakcore and raves, alongside traditional techniques and contradictional styles, such as eastern, polka, gypsy/Balkan, western/eastern pop, classical etc. From intelligent non logical dance rhythms dropping to brainless anticlimaxes. Always served with a consistent theme of complex layered melodies or simplistically catchy ones.

Energetic live-sets, DIY trashy noise toys, full-on happy colours, epileptic mongoloid dance moves, chaotic interludes, childish cartoon noises, neo-dimensions and a happy lion mask are part of his modus operandi.

Logosamphia’s music has been released on labels including Holy1, Enfant terrible, Ego Twister records, Darling Dada and in self produced form. Logosamphia is in constant transformation and always located on the edge of perception.